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G2 awards CloudSense High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023

As we enter 2023, CloudSense is proud to have been presented with a handful of awards from the highly-trusted online software marketplace G2.

Easiest Setup Winter 2023


CloudSense earned the highest Ease of Setup rating in its category for Quote-to-Cash in G2’s Implementation Index, for the following reasons:

  • Supports the sales cycle from quoting to sales order management
  • Monitors customer interactions at all stages of the sales process
  • Tracks pricing changes as discounts and promotions
  • Provides functionality for product configuration and CPQ
  • Tracks revenue and manages revenue recognition

As a way of streamlining sales processes, Quote-to-Cash software improves productivity and provides a better customer experience. According to CloudSense’s implementation score, 88% of users find the software easy to use. 

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High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023


With 95% of users rating CloudSense 4 or 5 stars, and 88% likely to recommend CloudSense, it comes as no surprise that a recent Enterprise Grid® Report awarded CloudSense “High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023”. 

The CloudSense CPQ and Order Management platform is purpose-built to respond to today’s demands of scale, complexity and agility. Providing end-to-end support, 84% of CloudSense users are highly satisfied with our product catalog.

Products shown on the Enterprise Grid® for CPQ are ranked by customer satisfaction and market presence. CloudSense CPQ was included in G2’s CPQ category for the following reasons:

  • Includes features for activities that are part of the configure, price, quote lifecycle
  • Provides information that salespeople can use to quickly create offers
  • Allows users to define and manage product catalogs incl. pricing and bundling 
  • Assists users with analytics and reporting during the quoting process
  • Provides data and suggestions to improve


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