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CloudSense & Ad-Juster work together to maximize campaign efficiency

By combining CloudSense and Ad-Juster FlowIQ digital publishers can seamlessly sell, deliver and reconcile performance data for billing from a single advertising platform.

CloudSense, the world’s #1 media sales solution on Salesforce, today announced its global partnership with Ad-Juster, the world’s only third-party reporting and discrepancy management tool. The partnership provides customers an out-of-the-box integration to Ad-Juster FlowIQ from the CloudSense platform. Using CloudSense and FlowIQ, media organizations can maximize end-to-end ad campaign efficiency and profitability by centralizing first and third-party performance data in one place, Salesforce.

Today’s publishers rely on proliferating channels, platforms and third-party products to reach their fractured audiences. This shifting landscape, combined with shrinking margins, makes cutting waste, championing accuracy and mitigating revenue leakage priorities for any modern publisher to maximize ad campaign efficiency.

With CloudSense, media companies can extend Salesforce’s leading CRM through an intelligent Order Management System (OMS) that seamlessly integrates with ad servers to provide a single, centralized cloud-based ad platform. This platform offers a real-time view of commercial and customer data, empowering media owners to sell and deliver cross-media advertising campaigns quickly and accurately.

Ad-Juster FlowIQ reports on discrepancies between advertiser and publisher delivery data to automate campaign reconciliation. Using Ad-Juster, digital publishers can collect exactly what they have sold – faster. By combining CloudSense and FlowIQ, publishers can centralize all sales, delivery and billing data for campaigns in one platform. With all data flowing into Salesforce, publishers have a master system of record and a single advertising hub to work from.

Commenting on the partnership CloudSense’s CMO, Josh Morse, said, “In an increasingly competitive market, CloudSense empowers media organizations to live up to their promise and deliver what they’ve sold to advertisers. Now, in partnership with Ad-Juster, we can help digital publishers build deeper trust with advertisers’ by ensuring billing and revenue reconciliation is as accurate as sales and delivery.”

“Combining CloudSense and FlowIQ will give publishers a centralized platform that prioritizes automated processes, right from the sale to revenue reconciliation. This partnership will help digital publishers make massive strides with accuracy and efficiency, as well as offering a complete picture of their revenue throughout the ad lifecycle,” stated Ad-Juster’s CMO, Dan Lawton.


About CloudSense

CloudSense’s smart sales and delivery platform is built to handle complex media sales. We free your enterprise to innovate commercially, increase revenues and provide exceptional ongoing customer experiences on Salesforce.

About Ad-Juster

Ad-Juster is a market-leading SaaS provider of unified data reporting and analytics for digital advertising. Since our founding in 2007, we have worked closely with over 150 blue-chip publishers, agencies, ad-tech platforms, and ad networks to deliver a digital advertising measurement product line to streamline workflows, overcome billing discrepancies, optimize programmatic performance and maximize revenue.