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CloudSense unlocks subscriptions and CX excellence

CloudSense launches new Commerce Cloud-native Apps to seamlessly unify its services and subscription sales and delivery platform with Salesforce’s leading B2C Commerce solution.

CloudSense’s platform empowers leading brands to launch, sell and manage the entire customer lifecycle for sophisticated subscription products and services on Salesforce. Now, with CloudSense’s new Commerce Cloud-native Apps, B2C organizations can harness this subscriptions expertise to quickly and easily launch subscription-based business models on Salesforce’s leading Digital Commerce Platform.

As well as satisfying consumers’ voracious appetite for subscription services, combining CloudSense and Salesforce gives retailers a unified platform to connect data and commerce processes across marketing, sales, fulfilment and customer service. This single view of customer and commercial data provides the platform to provide the continuously excellent personalized experience necessary for subscriptions and services to succeed today.

For many retailers, the shift from a traditional one-time sale to a scalable and efficient new age subscription model is undermined by fragmented technology. The unification of the CloudSense platform and Commerce Cloud empowers retailers to rapidly clear this hurdle. Built on Salesforce’s Heroku, the scalable solution handles high-volume sales and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce – capitalizing on CloudSense’s vast communications, media and utilities expertise to provide retailers a ready-made sophisticated subscription experience.

“This connected commerce solution offers an exciting opportunity for retailers to unlock the vast potential of subscriptions on Salesforce’s B2C Commerce Cloud. The seamless combination of CloudSense and Salesforce takes care of the sophisticated elements of subscription commerce, leaving retailers free to focus on differentiating and delighting customers,” commented CloudSense’s CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Britton.

CloudSense’s heritage in communications means that subscription models are nothing new for the platform. Richard continued, “The communications industry, where we started out, is synonymous with subscriptions. We’ve thrived due to our platform’s unique architecture, which was designed to handle subscriptions since day one – in both B2C and B2B environments on Salesforce.”

While large communications and media companies remain prominent in CloudSense’s customer roster, the platform’s smarts aren’t reserved for these industries. Today leading organizations across multiple industries rely on CloudSense to fulfil their complex ongoing sales and delivery.

The platform’s ability to centralize customer and commercial data is essential for retailers to deliver the end-to-end tailored subscription service customers desire. CloudSense pools data to provide a single view of customers in Salesforce that can then be harnessed by the likes of Einstein AI and Next Best Action to offer personalized commerce experiences that grow customer retention and revenues.

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