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Webinar: Capturing value in the booming B2B enterprise market

How to capitalize on your sales opportunities in the booming B2B enterprise market

Increasing demand from small business and enterprises for end-to-end digital technology solutions have made the B2B market an appealing opportunity for telcos as they look to capitalize on higher growth rates of the B2B sector and benefit from higher net profit margins of a client base willing to pay more for differentiated service.

Total Telecom and CloudSense recently hosted a virtual panel, exploring how the B2B market is evolving and adapting to the digital age to deliver a whole host of new opportunities for the industry.

Watch the video below, to hear from the following panelists:

Alex Fuller, CTO & Co-Founder, CloudSense

Angela Maragopoulou, CIO B2B, Deutsche Telekom

Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer, Proximus

Nikos Angelopoulos, Group CIO, MTN

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • Why B2B is the key growth engine for telcos in the digital age
  • How do you develop a B2B portfolio that will drive your digital revenues
  • How can you go to market faster and sell more
  • How to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved order accuracy
  • Why are service innovation and bespoke solutions key
  • What does your organization need to do to develop the right skills and tools to succeed