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Address Management

Address management refers to the act of storing address information in the CRM system, so that that same information can be used at any time during the sales process.

One challenge that many businesses have with other address management solutions is inputting addresses before the selling process begins.

This can be a very time consuming process, with often hundreds of thousands of addresses that need to be captured and stored, something many CRMs don't lend themselves to.

So addresses are typically organized using spreadsheets and pulled in manually.

This of course has a significant impact on serviceability, and it also has implications relating to data consistency and data errors.

CloudSense allows direct entry of hundreds of thousands of addresses without the sales user having to work from a spreadsheet, or liaise with another person handling spreadsheets.

And it provides address validation through Google Maps right out of the box.

If your business uses a different address validation system, the CloudSense framework is easily extensible to map to those systems as well.

This address management capability supports high volumes of data, simplifies the journey for the sales user and can be used across domestic and international solutions.