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Building a scalable and successful telco marketplace strategy in the XaaS economy

As Telcos search for ways to broaden their value to customers, B2B marketplaces are one of the hottest strategies being adopted. Demand for this channel is expanding at pace, with B2B sales completed on marketplaces leaping up by 130% in the past year.

Marketplaces are quickly gaining a reputation as a way for telcos to expand their B2B value offering beyond connectivity and unlock new revenue streams.

But achieving success with a B2B marketplace is by no means guaranteed. In this webinar, we define what you need to have in place to deliver an outstanding customer experience at scale. 

Watch the video below to hear the following panelists discuss this important topic:

Vish Kumar, Senior VP of Product, CloudSense

Darek Tasak, Global Head of Strategy & Commercial Operations, CloudBlue