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CPQ: The Secret to Powering Growth, Operational Excellence, and Innovation for Energy Suppliers

An industry in transition from commodity to sustainable solutions.

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In this InfoBrief, in partnership with global marketing intelligence firm IDC, we explore how CPQ solutions have evolved from straightforward "quote-to-contract" tools, to their modern incarnation that encompasses the entire revenue operations cycle.

The way we produce, distribute, and consume energy has changed beyond recognition during the past 20 years. In order to keep up with energy transition, suppliers need to pivot away from a pure commodity business model, diversify their product portfolios and empower consumers with sustainable solutions across efficiency, electrification, and decarbonization.

Download your complimentary guide today, and learn how modern CPQ solutions enable energy suppliers to thrive in the energy transition, by supporting 3 key strategic imperatives:

  • Product innovation and personalization
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Operational efficiency